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GreenVision Systems announcing its new HyperEye-Compact system.

Based on GVS's Hyperspectral Imaging Coding/de-coding secured features technologies, HyperEye-PS/BP investigation system. This represents a major advance for Brands Protection / Product Security / Documents and Banknotes anti-counterfeiting Track  & Trace solutions ; say company officials.
Most Brand protection sensors are fairly limited to the packages base features validation, but HyperEye is compact, weighs less than 40 pounds – light enough to be mounted on mobile enclosure. The HyperEye works on secured both cloud & local secured data-bases with Rapid performances using GVS' PCC approvers and patented technologies.
The new HyperEye-Compact system allows users to scan and validate both the package and material levels, this provides high values to users. Wide-applications enables  multi tasks and missions in near real time , thanks to HyperEye-Compact sophisticated processing algorithms. Operators can later access archive in order to trace related events over time.
For all its capabilities, HyperEye- Compact requires less than 100 watts to operate, making it the smallest and most power-efficient Investigation Station [Virtual-Agent] in the world. In addition, it is comparably priced to a traditional, high-resolution in both spectral and spatial available.
HyperEye- Compact  was first tested in GVS Labs for several [governmental and cooperation] delegations during Q4-2014 and Q1-2015.