HyperEye-RS (Remote Sensing Hyper Spectral Imaging Surface Analysis) is a real-time remote sensing system for objects/surface spectral classification and tracking. It combines ATR, atmosphere clutter reduction and anomaly detection technologies using statistical and HSI algorithms. The product's main advantages are its high sensitivity and SNR (Signal-to-Noise. The system is designed to operate when placed on high buildings or other high locations to enable remote sensing.

One current application is safe-guarding/monitoring supplies of potable water, which leads to improved water-resource quality, maintaining healthy fisheries and assisting and collaborating with the numerous lake stewardship groups


The HyperEye-RS [G] is based on hyper spectral imaging technology that provides high resolution; higher accuracy; high sensitivity The HyperEye-RS, VIS and/or SWIR (Hyper Spectral Imaging remote sensing platform) product is an advanced spectral imaging sensing, detection, and classification platform. It is designed for in-situ and remote sensing measurements.  The instrument is mounted on a mechanical platform to analyze the inspection region. It uses sophisticated computer algorithms as well as unique optical features to create a four-dimensional representation of the sample under analysis.