FIPA-20/40 (Investigation Laboratory Fluorescence Imaging Particle Analyzer system) is a semi-online product for laboratory PM (Particulate Matter) investigation. It is a patented versatile research platform for a fast analysis process of PM sensitive to fluorescence illumination.  It captures, analyzes and generates information on the chemical, morphological characteristics of scanned particles


FIPA-20/40 can separate, detect, and classify different types of aerosols and particles by using specific fingerprinting capabilities to define each type of particle, such as EC (Elemental Carbon), minerals and OC (Organic Carbon); species in water samples; bio-agents from air samples; fungus samples from different locations. FIPA-20 is versatile with manual scanning, and FIPA-20/40 is has an automatic scanning capability. GVS's comprehensive and modular product suite can provide near-real-time monitoring of a hospital’s indoor air contamination sources. Built to detect these types of pathogen sources with its ultra-sensitive sensors, the suite can also produce results within 20 min or less.