INSIP-20 (Integrated Network Statistical Information Platform) is a unique, expert statistics data sharing system solution that provides accurate and repeatable tracking of known and new pollution sources, based on GVS' proprietary Gold Database of air pollution sources.

The platform works on a network and can "talk" to other platforms as well as to a central unit that receives inputs from all stations and then distributes the new data to the GVS systems in the field (HyperEye®-RS [G]; HyperEye®-AP [PM]). In addition, the interactive communication of INSIP-20 (with on-site GVS stations and with one/multiple off-site control centers) is done in a high security level.  

The validation and reporting protocol is based on the automatic data logging made possible by the INSIP-20™ system. Each HyperEye [e.g. HyperEye-RS for water assessment stationary monitoring station; HyperEye-AP [PM] for each air assessment stationary monitoring station] equipped with an INSIP-20™ client s/w tool that will link to the central INSIP-20 [Bx] in the central control room via [customer network] wireless communication.

The INSIP-20 main tool, upon which the database will be learned, is based on the spectral images analysis. In addition, it allows managing the simulations and predicting the air contamination sources and directions