Air Pollution Monitoring and Assessment

GreenVision Systems (GVS) Air Pollution Suite (APSTM) is an innovative solution, for providing a unique  near-real-time assessment of the  sources contributing to ambient PM2.5/.PM10 concentrations.

GreenVision Systems, Ltd., has developed an automatic source apportionment system using microscopic chemical imaging (MCI) coupled with fluorescence monitoring from individual particles to identify the sources contributing to PM in near-real time (in tens of minutes).  Estimated costs are tens of USD  per apportionment result.  This is approximately one-tenth the cost of current technologies.  At this price government agencies or industries that could be impacted by regulations/controls can implement source apportionment monitoring on a routine basis to provide increased spatial and temporal resolution of the sources contributing to airborne PM.  This, in turn, can aid with the development and implementation of effective and efficient air strategies to control PM, saving lives and reducing the economic impact of air pollution.  It can aid businesses that are subject to regulations avoid significant operational and cost impacts and government agencies seeking to implement effective strategies to improve air quality.

The Company’s proprietary technology provides high-sensitive near real-time solutions that identify and classify various types of multi-particle compounds, without damaging the products/materials under examination.

Integrated in electronic imaging-based systems, the core technology is applied to reduce or eliminate major risks and threats. The systems are designed for ongoing monitoring enhanced by networks, shared data bases and adaptive (learning) algorithms