Environmental Monitoring

Remote Sensing


Remote sensing of surface and air can help deepen one's understanding of the complex interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, ice regions and land surfaces, as well as between forestry and vegetation on one hand and the population with its various activities on the other hand.

Spectral imaging remote sensing system technologies can detect and classify both general categories of surface, and actual physical-chemical characteristics of the scanned surface itself. GreenVision Systems' (GVS) HyperEye® -RS remote sensing system surpluses other tier-one hyper spectral imaging sensing systems,  high sensitivity, versatility and the ability to map, inspect and  interpret surface characteristics.

Using HyperEye®-RS systems, GVS's target is to address the global needs of Environmental Protection – including ground and water-sources protection.  The instrument is designed for both in-situ and remote sensing measurements. One example of the application of the system was its use in both South-Korea and Israel for monitoring algal blooms in water systems.