HyperEye®-AP [ID]

HyperEye-AP [ID] (Immediate Detection for Chemical and Bio-agent Detection Platform) is an online station for air pollution monitoring and bioaerosol detection. It combines ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) technology with statistical and spectral algorithms.

The HyperEye-AP [ID] enables 24/7 air monitoring at strategic locations and includes threats ranging from industrial/automotive contamination to Anthrax due to terrorist activities.

The main advantages of the HyperEye product pipeline-AP [ID] product are its rapid (near-real time) delivery of results, versatility, accuracy, high reliability, high sensitivity, and non-destructive nature.

GVS’s comprehensive and modular product suite can provide near-real-time monitoring of a hospital’s indoor air contamination sources. Built to detect these types of pathogen sources with its ultra-sensitive sensors, the suite can also produce results within 20 min or less.

GreenVision Systems Ltd. macroscopic and microscopic hyper spectral imaging systems, including equipment, customized peripheral hardware, software and database for providing near real time on-site inspection and diagnostics robust automated operation – using microscopic HyperEye-MICRO and/or macroscopic HyperEye-MACRO systems] for a real/near-time sensing diagnostics with potential applications in the mendicants and food safety arena.