Company Overview

GreenVision Systems Ltd. (GVS) develops manufactures and markets advanced Hyper-Spectral Imaging (HSI) solutions (including hardware and software) for environmental monitoring, water resources security, product safety & security, quality control,, and product purity. The company’s proprietary technology provides highly-sensitive and online solutions that identify and characterize various types of multi-particle compounds, without damaging the products and materials under examination.

GVS is introducing the next level of urban air pollution monitoring that enables near real time indoor/outdoor air-quality assessments.  With the comprehensive Air Pollution Product Suite, processes that once took days, weeks and even months now run in hours—or even less.

GVS is a manufacturer and seller of advanced Hyper-Spectral products. The product suite is based on the company's patented and field-proven HSI technology. GVS is an ISO-9001 certified company and its products comply with UL and CE standards. GVS continuously invest in its IP (Intellectual Property) and is constantly dealing with preparation and registration of patents in the US and in other countries. 

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