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GVS was founded in 1996.

GreenVision Systems (GVS) aims to provide unique solutions for environmental quality control and products safety applications. GVS product suite would analyze and diagnose, in near-real-time, various types of microscopic and macroscopic compounds and the chemical composition of particles in the air (such as bio-agents and particulate matters) or in a substance (such as water, soil, plants or food products) providing near-real-time source apportionment. In the past 20 years GVS gained vast experience, enhanced its IPP, developed HyperSpectaral imaging and database technologies in the pollution monitoring fields.


GVS has recorded several achievements since its establishment, including
(i) Development of a unique chemical imaging technology suitable for integration in a wide range of environmental monitoring applications, such as air pollution, water resources monitoring and food safety applications;
(ii)  Cooperation with a series of potential strategic partners who expressed interest in GVS to develop different product-lines of innovative applications based on the GVS product suite.