GreenVision Systems' (GVS) offices and specialists focus on innovation and customer support. The company continues to develop smart, real-time and cost-effective services that enable better monitoring of various types of pollution/ products-authentication, while at the same time reducing contamination/counterfeit risks.


The GVS Product Suite implements the next level of tracking water resources and urban air contamination sources, e.g., urban air pollution. Processes that once took days, weeks or even months now run in hours—or less.


GVS' team has taken on the responsibility of enhancing the data and knowledge base comprised of water & air & food quality around the globe. GVS continues to work with key institutes, organizations, and researchers in the field of water & air pollution monitoring.  The company designs, builds, and maintains networks that can be implemented at local or national level. In both cases, monitoring stations and sampling points are placed at carefully selected locations.


Control air, water and food resources quality enables predictions of potential contamination events. GVS solution will enables to reduce health risks over time, and control contamination of water, air and food across time and locations. Those will reduce health risks across time and add values to life.


Monitoring Pollution  

Reducing Contaminations