Suite Overview

The GVS proprietary and patented product suite provides solutions that are tailor-made to the needs of each organization, due to its modular design. It includes products for real-time data collection in the field (HyperEye®-RS [G]/[Av], HyperEye-AP [PM]/[ID] platforms), integrated network communication (INSIP-20 software) and analysis in a central location (FIPA 20/40®, HyperEye-MICRO, HyperEye-MACRO systems).

GVS adds unique value to end users that enables users to enhance organizational know-how across time.
GVS’ technology and systems can be used to implement promising rapid solutions for
(i) indoor/outdoor air quality assessment
(ii) water resource contamination control
(iii) quality of live solutions and heath diagnostic solutions and (iv) identification / classification of secured products/documents.

GVS is an ISO-9001 certified company and its products have been approved under UL and CE standards.

Air Pollution Monitoring and Assessment

GreenVision Systems (GVS) Air Pollution Suite (APSTM) is an innovative solution, for providing a unique near-real-time assessment of the sources contributing to ambient PM2.5/.PM10 concentrations.

Environmental Monitoring

Remote sensing of surface and air can help deepen one’s understanding of the complex interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, ice regions and land surfaces, as well as between forestry and vegetation on one hand and the population with its various activities on the other hand.

Homeland Security

GVS provides a solution for a real, tangible need, which is currently poorly addressed: the early, fast and accurate detection of potentially harmful chemicals (PM), bioaerosol, and aerosol anomalies.