Our Systems

Monitoring Pollution Sources ◄►Reducing Contamination Risks

Based on its patented and field proven HSI (Hyper-Spectral Imaging) systems, GVS provides the next level of environmental assessment services including: Water, Air ,and Soil Quality Monitoring; replacing complex, lengthy, offline processes with near real-time early-warning capabilities; GVS and its partners offer solutions for pollution monitoring and assessment -- reducing health risks.  The GVS Air Quality monitoring systems are the only ones that provide source apportionment information in near real time. Near real time information allows for effective and cost efficient controls to be implemented for pollution episodes. From a political perspective this allows targeted control of the air & water sources of pollutants as opposed to reducing emissions from all sources.    Observation using remote sensing of water resources has provided governmental agencies and in particular decision makers with new global perspective of these environments.  

The product suite offers substantial benefits, including:    

·                 Near-real-time bioaerosols [particulate matter] identification, quantification and monitoring targets/contamination sources;

·           Exceptional high sensitivity;

·           Early warning with low false alarm rate;

·           Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);

·           Wide detection capabilities (versatility for dynamic demands);

·           Regulatory compliance;

·           Full compatibility with existing infrastructures;

·           Non-destructive nature;

·           Observation using GVS remote sensing of water resources provides decision makers with new global perspective to enhance their Water Quality & Security missions.